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I called one of the chapters in the book, dealing with my arrival at Leeds University and subsequent (ahem) academic activities, Life Coaching With Albert Hammond. Albert very kindly gave me permission to quote a couple of lines from this song in that chapter – “My parents and my lecturers could never understand, why I gave it up for music and a free electric band.”

And as I pointed out to him on the phone last year, he imagined the scenario and, around it, wrote a cracking song. I, however, took it as solemn careers advice. Thanks, Albert.


Where to start with Rory? His was the first live band I saw, and my first proper gig. (Manchester Free Trade Hall in the autumn of 1974). There was no turning back, after that night. He – along with Bob Dylan – pointed me towards pre war country blues, which I have loved ever since. With fellow stylists Neil Young and The Ramones, Rory shaped my dress sense. And, once I was booking and running the gigs at Leeds University, I was to learn first-hand that he was the nicest, most humble, least pretentious rock star ever to walk on a stage – which he did almost apologetically. A true pro and a trouper. And a ridiculously talented guitarist.


Here he is, on the Whistle Test in 1973, in a clip which starts with a most amusing appreciation by my old friend and Whistle Test colleague, Mark Ellen. Click on the link below.

The photo shows me interviewing Rory, about country blues, for The Whistle Test, at Dingwall’s in Camden Town in 1985.