04: The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby

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Can you imagine the impact these guys had on me in, ahem, Rochdale, in the mid 1970s? Click below to hear utterly sublime Beach Boys perfection. And, below that, is what I have to say about them in my book… 

Chapter 6 – Surfin’ Safari (The Bridlington Option)

“The milieu of the Beach Boys could not have been a more alien environment to a pre-pubescent in land-locked, industrial Rochdale – upon which the sun, when it shone, appeared to do so through Tupperware.

I think it was my school pal – and still my pal – Jonny Barnes, who introduced me to their carefree world of surfing, honey-coloured girls, gleaming teeth, infinite leisure time, blonde crew-cuts, parental wealth, hot-rod cars and recreational road traffic accidents. Jonny probably picked up on the Beach Boys from his mum who, bewilderingly, when Jonny and I were teenagers, appeared to be about 25.

I adored the Beach Boys, for all those sun-kissed temptations and their glorious songs and exquisite harmonies. They seemed to promise gratification on an epic scale, just waiting around the corner in late adolescence which, for a while, persuaded me – a physically underdeveloped specimen, always overlooked or even ridiculed by girls – that to adapt a Beach Boys attitude to a life in Lancashire was my best hope of getting shagged.

To this end, when I was fifteen, I made an attempt at surfing. That I embarked on this foolishness in the freezing breakers of Bridlington, with absolutely no knowledge of what I was doing, and barely able to swim. I nearly drowned and haven’t tried to surf since. However, despite being the cause of my near death, I still love my Beach Boys records.”

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